Quantum Inner Circle

The High Level Group For Winning Entrepreneurs Who Want to Make the Quantum Leap in Their Business

Access to the Group is NOT for just anyone. 

To gain access, each company is thoroughly analyzed, and in most cases a reference from a member of the group is needed. 

If the project is approved, the entrepreneur gains access to a network of high-caliber contacts, closed-door events and networking, and receives AFFIANCE from a highly specialized coach to make a quantum leap in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Business Leadership...

They are talking about the Quantum Inner Circle™

Why the Quantum™ Inner Circle?

Exclusive Access

To a network of connections of the highest profile

The High Level Group "Quantum" opens its doors exclusively to 4%, winning entrepreneurs who want to win more and wish to make the quantum leap in their company.

Entrepreneurial Coaching

With a Specialized High Level Coach

Get access to the most innovative Marketing (A.I) Sales (Closing) and leadership strategies by accessing the systems, processes, and strategies that have enabled you to generate +100M euros in revenue from 2016 to date. Understand exactly what to do at every stage of your business and scale your revenue by adding a zero to your bottom line

Expansion without Effort

Through the network of networks

The inner circle network becomes your network.
Connect with+100 entrepreneurs and get support day after day. Take action, grow and celebrate with them.

Learn about the QUANTUM™ member experience.

"Working with Fabio and Matteo and their high-level team, I was able to make a shift in mindset, in wanting to scale the company, in finding solutions and making that quantum leap that is then also reflected in my daily life and turnover."
Paolo Marciante
Co-Funder & CEO, Laboratorica.it

"Thanks to the Quantum group and the support of my coach Francesca, the increase in turnover was 45% net. I have only one regret in this journey: I should have started earlier."

Stefano Ventura
Owner, d.visioneauto S.r.l.

"Fabio and Matteo are my mentors, with them I have learned the skill of closing, team building and most importantly the art of creating a team. In terms of turnover I can say that it has practically tripled and I aim to grow further."

Ivan Merene
Founder CreaCorsoPro e LiberoPro, Highlander S.r.l.

"Perhaps the hardest thing in the beginning was making the decision to let Fabio and Matteo lead me and bring me into this select group of people, I had to overcome the resistance to not put obstacles in the way of this path already laid out. The choice to let go and go all in. In six months I made the turnover of the entire previous year, and it's not over yet..."

Paolo Dizioli
Financial advisor, Banca Mediolanum

"Fabio and Matteo have been able to create a network of high-profile relationships with whom to engage, get to know themselves, and think differently to truly achieve the goals they genuinely want, not those imposed by society. Personally, I have significantly improved the quality of incoming leads and doubled my revenue."

Matteo Barberi

Owner, Virtual Valley S.r.l

"Mine has been an all-around growth, as a person and as a professional. Turnovers have almost doubled and I have become a top leader globally."

Rosalia Aiello

Top Leader – Forever Living

Growing a business to the next level is complex... But you don't have to do it alone.

Only 4% of companies survive beyond five years of operation.

Only 4% of companies manage to structure marketing, sales and leadership processes that can sustain change and grow year after year.

Only 4% of entrepreneurs can describe themselves as winners who want to win more.

If you are one of the thousands of entrepreneurs who apply each year for mentorship from Fabio Gallerani and Matteo Pittaluga...

You believe you can scale your business to the next level, and you are aware that this is only possible by belonging to a group of people like you, winners who want to win more.

If you are reading these lines, it means that you know you belong to this 4%...

...But you have not yet found a high-level group that GUARANTEES that you will be in contact exclusively with this category of people.

You yearn to win more and wish with great strength to be guided, step by step, to a new level of success.

This is what the Quantum inner circle is all about. The first high-level entrepreneurial group dedicated exclusively to winners who want to win more and faster.

How? Continue reading...

According to research conducted by a renowned international consultancy firm, entrepreneurs who were supported for an extended period of at least 12 months increased their turnover by more than 83%, while those who did not receive support, mentorship and access to a networking network observed an average growth of only 16%.


  • If you feel you deserve more results and you are working hard and not getting what you deserve... 
  • If you are constantly chasing new customers when you know you deserve a marketing system that brings you customers automatically... 
  • If you feel overwhelmed by day-to-day operations and feel you need support in improving your LEADERSHIP and creating procedures that free up your time... 


You are not alone...

The Quantum Inner Circle was created to welcome, support and connect successful entrepreneurs who want a quantum leap in their business

Fabio Gallerani and Matteo Pittaluga have served with their team of coaches +11000 companies since 2016 and, having generated tens of millions of euros as entrepreneurs, have now provided you with a perfect environment in which to scale without feeling judged for your ambition.

Quantum Inner Circle™

QUANTUM is a HIGH LEVEL inner circle considered the FERRARI of private entrepreneurial clubs.

Currently with over 100 members in Italy and with an upcoming expansion of the network to the United Arab Emirates, Quantum's exclusive circle aims to unite, support, and transfer skills to entrepreneurs who want to achieve more success.



This group is for you if...


How does it work?

In a safe, secure and confidential environment, you can share your results and find answers to your daily business challenges.

Quarterly, the members of the inner circle gather in a 5-star hotel to share results, celebrate and set a new quantum leap to achieve for the following quarter.


Entrepreneurial Coaching: 24 Quarterly Sessions with Specialised Quantum Coach

Sessioni Quantum 1on1

When entering the inner circle, you will be accompanied by a COACH Entrepreneurial Coaching: 24 Quarterly Sessions with Specialised Quantum Coach GUARANTEE a quantum leap in a specific business area.

The business areas in question are:


Through just two weekly sessions, laser work will be carried out to achieve concrete goals that can be cascaded throughout the company, ensuring immediate resolution of issues that cause turnover losses.

Sessioni Quantum 1on1

Access to Reserved and Vertical Telegram Groups on a specific topic

Practical strategies, operational procedures and daily assistance will come not only from the coach but also from other entrepreneurs on the same growth path.

One of the most extraordinary privileges of the inner circle is the online and offline contact with other entrepreneurs on the same growth path and the sharing of ideas and practical strategies already tested.



Quantum Inner Circle

Immediately after accessing the inner circle, you will receive access to the QUANTUM NETWORK, an interactive map of the entire territory that connects you instantly with other entrepreneurs and allows you to connect OFFLINE.

In addition to the Telegram group, you can also access the network IN PERSON by establishing strong relationships and arranging spontaneous meetings throughout the area

Power is measured by your NETWORK and your ability, in a matter of seconds, to access a powerful network of connections simply thanks to your membership

Quantum Inner Circle

Quarterly Dinner:
Celebrate your achievements and plan the next Quantum Leap

The Quantum Inner Circle has its roots in the homeland of entrepreneurial companies: Italy

Every quarter, in the beautiful setting of the Grand Hotel Des Bains in Riccione, the "QUANTUM DINNER"an event to share results, present new members and award prizes to the best entrepreneurs of the CLUB.

Unlike other top-level groups, in the QUANTUM CLUB we focus on the mantra "Work Hard, Play Hard", we work side by side for 90 days and celebrate in a high-profile setting to receive support, admiration and energy from the more than 100 members of this extraordinary and unique group.

The QUANTUM™ Inner Circle is NOT for:

Before sending your application, please read carefully for whom NOT this high-level entrepreneurial CLUB is suitable:


4 Step Application Process

Submit your application

Click the 'Submit Application' button and complete the application form: your application will be reviewed by the board within 48 hours


Una volta passato il primo step, Fabio Gallerani, Chairman del Quantum, aprirà uno spazio in agenda per una breve intervista per conoscere le tue ambizioni imprenditoriali


If Fabio Gallerani and the board consider your why to be relevant, you will receive an invitation to enter without the need to be referred by a member of the group


Immediately upon acceptance, you will be assigned a specialised coach to define the quantum leap to be made and you will immediately access the inner circle networking

Il doppio dei benefici
nella metà del tempo



Ricevi accesso a tutti i benefici inclusi nel Quantum Marketing e nel Quantum Closing


di coaching strategico con un Coach AI personalizzate sulle tue esigenze specifiche


Lavora contemporaneamente su marketing, vendite e sistemi per delegare con fiducia (inestimabile risparmio di tempo)


Accesso al gruppo di alto livello "QUANTUM" con incontri tra imprenditori dal VIVO in tutta Italia


Automatizza la generazione di contatti e chiudi più vendite in 90 giorni o meno (o continuiamo a seguirti a nostre spese)


Contatto privilegiato con la nostra CONCIERGE QUANTUM per risparmiare tempo nel localizzare le risorse (valore: inestimabile)


Accedi a qualsiasi risorsa dell'ecosistema quantum che si adatta al tuo caso specifico (valore: inestimabile)

Fabio Gallerani


Fabio Gallerani

Fabio Gallerani is known as the 'Top Sales Innovator in Italy' where he has helped more than 42,000 entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses through CLOSING, a superior art to traditional selling that allows them to raise prices, reduce negotiation time and increase profits.

Even more shocking is that he achieved this Herculean feat as a digital entrepreneur without actually living in Italy but managing an organisation of 40 professionals remotely thanks to a powerful corporate culture called 'Allinners'.

He is a global business strategist, expert in digital sales and the future of work, founder of the market-leading digital training platform 'Marketing Genius'.

Gallerani is also a bestselling author, international speaker and executive coach and has organised and participated in over 400 events in his career.

He is Vice President with responsibility for digital sales at Confassociazioni, the largest confederation of professional associations in Italy, and Vice President for Strategy and Business Growth for the UAE Confederation.

Fabio is the owner and chairman of a TV studio in Dubai, Allinners Media, where he interviews successful multimillionaire entrepreneurs from around the world.

The film "Vivi La Tua Missione | La Storia Vera Di Fabio Gallerani" captures Gallerani's inspiring personal story, inviting entrepreneurs to go on a professional mission by finding true fulfilment BEYOND SUCCESS.

Matteo Pittaluga

Honorary President

Matteo Pittaluga

Matteo Pittaluga is the pioneer of practical training in digital marketing.

Founder of Marketing Genius, he has trained over 30,000 people through his practical and easy-to-understand trainings. A mentor for entrepreneurs who want to digitise their companies, Matteo is also a university lecturer in Digital Marketing and Digital Strategies.

Thanks to his experience, he is now recognised as one of the most sought-after marketing consultants in Europe.

  • Trainer for +38000 private students on digital marketing
  • Unique Italian Digital Sector Member Of Forbes Business Council, International High Profile Group
  • Founder of the Marketing Genius Training Institution awarded by GFEL as one of the TOP 50 training institutions internationally
  • Top 100 marketing and advertising experts according to MarSum.
  • World's highest paid digital strategy consultant
  • Private Mentoring for High-Profile Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneurs
  • Creator of 'All In', the best-selling digital marketing course in Italy
  • Creator of Successful E-Commerce Platforms
  • Lecturer for Marconi International University in Miami (2018-2019) and MIA Digital University in Barcelona
  • Author of the Amazon Best Seller 'Allinners'.
  • Institutional Speaker for ASIC


Once accepted into the inner circle, you will meet the Quantum group concierge and be guided to access the members' area.

In the member's area you will be able to access the orientation resources and the coach assignment call will be booked.

The Head of Coaching, Simona Boldrini, will conduct a short interview to match you with the right coach for the next 90 days.

In addition to this, you can immediately access the offline events and initiatives of the Quantum group by getting to know each member live or virtually.

Through just two sessions per week lasting sixty minutes, you will receive the support of an entrepreneurial coach who will guide you step by step to achieve micro-results to get you closer to your quantum leap within a maximum of ninety days.

The time required to receive specific guidance for your business is two hours per week, but you can spend as much time as you wish implementing the coach's directives. No other compromise of time is necessary on your part.

Obviously, we recommend that you also take the time to get to know the other members, forge relationships and gain leverage in the network you will encounter in the group.

Yes, every ninety days it is our tradition to meet at the Grand Hotel Des Bains in Riccione, a five-star hotel entirely dedicated to our high-end Inner Circle.

Quarterly, the members of the Quantum group gather at this hotel for a gala dinner where they celebrate achievements, share difficulties and how they overcame them, and set the next goal for the quantum leap in the following quarter.

We advise you to set aside time to attend this dinner because it will give you not only great professional value but above all great human value.

By becoming a success story within the Quantum inner circle and consistently attending quarterly dinners, you will have the chance to meet Fabio Gallerani and Matteo Pittaluga, who are used to travelling from their headquarters in Dubai to meet members of the inner circle.

Once a quarter, the more your success is shared, the more you implement and set an example for other members of the inner circle, the more chance there will be that Fabio Gallerani and Matteo Pittaluga will want to support you personally by raising your business and career BEYOND SUCCESS.

The coach follows me through a careful analysis and a call to prepare a strategic plan for your business supervised by Matteo Pittaluga and Fabio Gallerani.

Together with the Quantum inner circle board, you are matched with a coach compatible with your experience, your needs and if the assignment is not compatible with your needs, you have the possibility to change coach by asking the organisation

Of course, the objective of entrepreneurial coaching is to deliver turnkey procedures that can then be implemented by your team.

As a member of the Quantum inner circle, you will also have access to turnkey services from our in-house agency, which can work directly with your team to apply and implement procedures in the areas of marketing, sales and leadership and help you scale your business without the need for direct involvement from your side in operations.

The procedure is very simple and takes place in four steps:

  • the first step is to send the application, completing the form with as many details as possible
  • afterwards you will have an interview with Chairman Fabio Gallerani to assess the compatibility of your profile with the group
  • then you can be accepted into the group and meet the concierge and you will be assigned a coach
  • as last, the goal is to work ninety days to achieve the quantum leap

No problem, if you need more answers and more details you can request a call by sending us an e-mail with the subject line: request more information Quantum Group.

You will be connected with one of our business advisors who will be able to give you all the answers you need before you send your application

Click the button below and fill out to submit your application.

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Office 10 level 1 Sharjah media city – UAE, Po box: 487177